Peace of mind and safety to all - we are an organization of flour milling companies that ensures stable supply of wheat flour.

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Our Mission and Activities

The association’s mission is to stably supply wheat flour to society. The association’s mission is to stably supply wheat flour to society.

Wheat flour is the base ingredient in many foods, including bread, noodles, and confectionery, and plays a vital role in our daily diet. Around 90% of wheat, from which wheat flour is made, comes from abroad (grown in the United States, Canada, and Australia), with around 10% produced domestically. The overall supply of wheat fluctuates every year in volume and quality due to numerous factors including the weather. In order to fulfill the role of stably supplying wheat flour to our society, in terms of both volume and quality, the member companies of the Flour Millers Association work together as one to tackle various challenges.

  • Stable Procurement of Wheat, the Raw Material for Flour

    We are working toward the stable procurement of wheat through constant cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, producers both in Japan and abroad, and related organizations.

    Stable Procurement of Wheat, the Base Ingredient
  • Sound Development of the Flour Milling Industry

    Amid rapid globalization, we are working to sustain sound development of the flour milling industry through structural reforms and pursuit of more efficient management.

    Sound Development of the Flour Milling Industry
  • Efforts toward Safety and Security

    We provide safety and peace of mind for household wheat flour by establishing guidelines based on relevant laws and regulations. In addition, we contribute to domestic and international efforts to develop new wheat varieties, conducting quality assessments from the breeding stage.

    Efforts toward Safety and Peace of Mind
  • Harmony with the Environment

    We have established goals with the aims of realizing a low-carbon society and reducing waste, and are working to improve the environmentally friendly functions of flour milling plants.

    Harmony with the Environment
  • Expansion of Demand for Wheat Flour Products

    In order to advocate the positive values wheat brings and further strengthen ties with local areas, we put effort to expand the knowledge of wheat and its benefits, as well as promote local production for local consumption, through campaigns and events of the Comugication Club.

    Expansion of Wheat Consumption

Greeting from the Chairman

Firstly, I would like to extend my warm gratitude for your continued understanding and cooperation concerning the association's activities.

As the primary supplier of Japan's demand for wheat - a staple in our diet - the flour milling industry strives every day to meet the diverse demands of consumers, processing manufacturers, and distributors by delivering a steady supply of flour.

The flour milling industry is currently going through some drastic changes, including shifts in market trends brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as a violent fluctuation of grain prices as a result of the Ukrainian crisis and global climate change. The Japanese government is currently considering a review of the Basic Law on Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas, and our food security policy is also becoming a major point of contention. The Flour Millers Association will continue to ensure a stable supply of wheat through steady imports, adequate stockpiling, and by strengthening cooperation both with administrative bodies here in Japan and relevant bodies in exporting countries.

Meanwhile, Japan's self-sufficiency rate in domestic wheat production as of fiscal 2022 was 15 percent, and it is listed as one of the areas to be reinforced under the government's food security policy. In order for the flour milling industry to expand demand for domestic wheat, we believe that it is necessary to cooperate with producers and administrative bodies to ensure stable production, distribution and quality of domestic wheat.

Although there are many issues to tackle, we are committed to adapting to the changing market environment and achieving the continued development of wheat-related industries, so as to contribute to the realization of a rich diet for the Japanese people. We again ask for the cooperation and support of all persons involved in wheat flour.

Tomohiro Miyahara Chairman,Flour Millers Association

About Us

JAPAN Flour Millers Association
15-6 Kabuto-cho, Nihombashi, Chuo Ward, Tokyo 103-0026, Japan
TEL +81-3-3667-1011
FAX +81-3-3667-1673
15-6 Kabuto-cho, Nihombashi, Chuo Ward, Tokyo 103-0026, Japan
TEL +81-3-3667-1011
FAX +81-3-3667-1673
Date Established
August 24, 1947
21 Companies

History and Organization Chart

JAPAN Flour Millers Association is a private organization established by medium and large flour milling companies with the goals of deepening the ties between the member companies and improving and developing the flour milling industry.
The history of flour milling company organizations stretches back to Komugi Yunyu Kyokai (Wheat Importing Association), which was established in January of 1939. However, Seifun Club (Flour Milling Club) was established on August 24, 1947 with the aim of deepening the ties between medium and large flour milling companies. Its name was changed to JAPAN Flour Millers Association in June of 1953, our present organization.

Organization chart


JAPAN Flour Millers Association

15-6 Kabuto-cho, Nihombashi, Chuo Ward, Tokyo 103-0026, Japan

TEL +81-3-3667-1011
FAX +81-3-3667-1673

TEL +81-3-3667-1011
FAX +81-3-3667-1673

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